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Let Carissa’s Caution present to your group!

Scooter’s Tales

Scooter’s Tales consists of four puppet shows featuring water safety information. Each story shares one character’s message. Children make a paper bag puppet of each story’s main character to take home. Each presentation takes approximately one hour, and can be combined with other water safety games and dances. We can present all four stories through multiple visits or do the first story by itself. After the presentation, each child gets their own copy of Scooter's Tales: Scooter Swims in the River to take home which includes the 7 steps of Carissa's Caution to find safe places to swim in natural bodies of water, coloring pages, and activity sheets.
  1. Scooter uses the 7 steps of Carissa’s Caution to find a safe place to swim in a river.
  2. Munch learns why having an adult with you is so important while swimming in his pool.
  3. JoJo celebrates his birthday at the lake and receives the best gift from his friends- a lifejacket!
  4. Kaya reminds her friends about Carissa’s Caution and reviews water safety information before handing our swim safety star bracelets.

Carissa's Caution, swimming safety

Reach, Throw, Don’t Go!

Add this fun game onto your Scooter’s Tales presentation! We use props and life preserver rings to teach children the importance of not entering the water when someone is in trouble. We do not want to increase the number of people in danger. Instead, we reach for them if we can, throw them something to help them stay afloat, and don’t go in! Get help instead!

Carissa's Caution, swimming safety

Lifejacket Sizing

We can bring out a variety of lifejacket sizes and size your group for their proper life jacket fit. Kids will get a card to take home with their correct lifejacket size.

Carissa's Caution, swimming safety

Water Safety Dances

Get up and shake! Water safety dances are a fun break to get the body moving while listening to important water safety messages!

Carissa's Caution, swimming safety



Carissa's Caution, swimming safety
If you would like to volunteer, or know an event Carissa's Caution could take part in, please let us know! Make sure to check this page for event updates as we learn more!

We would love to discuss water safety with local day cares, preschools, elementary schools, park programs, and anywhere that will allow us to reach out to families! We can do readings, discussions, or set up booths at local events!

Our goal is to take the next step by becoming a non-profit organization and getting Carissa's Caution really out there! Besides the volunteers needed for individual events, we are in need of dedicated Board Members to help Carissa's Caution grow and representatives able to help us connect with the community. If you are interested in becoming deeply involved with Carissa's Caution, please contact us


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