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Drowning Safety Fact of the Month


As it starts warming up and you start seeing swimsuits in the stores, remember to shop smart!  Pick out bright colors that will stand out against the water, never choose fringe or flowy fabric that can get caught when swimming, and do not pick accessories (like swim tails) that will restrict your movement!


About Us

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preventing childhood drownings. We do this by educating children and parents on when and where it’s safe to swim. We also help other families who have been affected by the tragedy of drowning by raising awareness of all types – pools, entrapments, boatings, etc.

We are inspired by a beautiful, high-spirited girl named Carissa Babcock, who died at 9 years old while swimming in a river. Her death, and all drownings, are 100% preventable. Help us keep any more children from drowning!

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